Promethean’s free online community is designed to provide interactive white board (IWB) or smart board resources and applications for teachers all over the world. This also includes the opportunity to share innovative lessons, have access to a multitude of professional development materials, share guidelines for web tool integration, and connect with fellow IWB and smart board teachers.Membership in Promethean is free of charge for teachers and the basic software package ActivInspire Personal Edition can Ugg Boots Sale also be free. The ActivInspire software program is created for use with any brand of interactive whiteboard, bringing this program into a single and easy-to-use platform. This program is meant for real-time classroom use by teachers and students alike.Resources supplied by Promethean can be found as interactive flipcharts (slides) designed for use with IWBs or smart boards. These flipcharts only function using the ActivInspire software provided free to teachers. Promethean has a far more advanced ActivInspire software product for about $100.00; however the free version is the best for teachers in school districts that do not offer financial support to buy the advanced program.Interactive White Board ApplicationsResources and applications for IWBs that support all content and lessons include:the ability to import files and content from other applications such as Microsoft ‘office’ products and smart notebookstools such as spotlight, clock, time stamping, and learner response system or clicker supportan additional six strategies for using smart boards and IWBs within the classroomContent Area Resources for Interactive White BoardsThese resources are designed for all IWBs and smart boards:Themes – examples are math, science, literature, poetry, plants, English as Cheap Ugg Boots a second language, library media, ancient civilizations, and also over 30 more themes by which to select.Lessons – pick from any one of 14 lesson content areas for example science, math, language arts, and social studies. All instruction is further broken down by grade level, K–12. There are millions of lessons to pick from including air pollution, active passive voice, world history, algebra, art of weaving, Spanish verb conjugation, and thousands more.IWB Resources that Support Themes and LessonsThese resources are designed for all IWBs and smart boards:Resource Packs – they are collections of images, videos, and much more that increase the overall visual appeal of lessons to create students so that they sit up and take serious notice. Available resource packs include oceans, graphic organizers, interactive buttons, plants and trees, geometry, and over 200 more from which to select.Weblinks – they are pre-selected websites which support lessons through interactive and non-interactive activities.Personalized Learning – is an option that allows students to supply individual input into lessons involving problem-solving, data collection, voting, and other options in secret. This provides an ideal resource for involving students in lessons with no impact of peer pressure.Making Connections with Interactive Ugg Outlet White Board ResourcesThese IWB and smart board resources provide the chance of teachers to implement research-related guidelines within their classroom. All the resources obtainable in this Promethean network were produced by educators from around the globe. Resources happen to be classroom tested and adaptable to many any situation.Any teacher may add their resources to share the very best practices developed in their very own classrooms in this online community. These resources may also be coupled with project based learning resources to challenge students through creative and demanding thinking activities.

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